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Table 1 Items from the QUALICOPC questionnaires included as variables in this study

From: Patient experiences and the association with organizational factors in general practice: results from the Norwegian part of the international, multi-centre, cross-sectional QUALICOPC study

Variables Response alternatives
Information from the patients
 Gender Male/female
 Age Years (<30, 30–65, >65)a
 Did you see your regular doctor today? Yes/No
 The doctor was polite Yes/No
 The doctor listened carefully to me Yes/No
 The doctor asked questions about my health problem Yes/No
 The doctor took sufficient time in today’s consultation Yes/No
 The doctor hardly looked at me when we talked Yes/No
 I couldn’t really understand what the doctor was trying to explain Yes/No
 After this visit, I can cope better with my health problem/illness Yes/Nob
Information from the doctor
 Gender Male/female
 Age Years (≤35, 36–59, ≥ 60)a
 Geographical location of practice 1. Big city /Suburbs/ Small town; grouped as Urban
2. Mixed urban–rural / Rural; grouped as Rural
 Size of patient list Number of patients (≤900, 901–1300, >1300)a
 Form of employment Fixed salary / Fee for service
 Duration of an average consultation (as assessed by the GP) Minutes (≤17 min, >17 min)a
  1. aThe age of patients and doctors, the size of patient lists and the duration of consultations were all continuous variables divided into groups before analysis. Groups were defined according to the distribution of the material (see Tables 2 and 3)
  2. b401 patients answered “I don’t know”. These were recoded into missing