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Table 5 Scenario details and percentage of GPs prescribing and who perceived the prescribing decision as easy for the scenarios used by Lynggaard and Strandgaard [19]

From: Perceived difficulty and appropriateness of decision making by General Practitioners: a systematic review of scenario studies

Scenarios No. pieces of information Pieces of information % GPs prescribing % GPs who perceived decision as easy
1. Mrs Louise Pastor, a 74 year old woman, non-diabetic who smokes 20 cigarettes a day. Her blood tests reveal a total cholesterol of 4.4, an HDL of 1.4 (ratio of 4), and she has a blood pressure of 180/84. 8 Gender, age, diabetes status, smoking status, total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein cholesterol, cholesterol ratio, blood pressure 96% 83%
2. Miss Alexandra Fleming is a 52 year old mycologist. She is not diabetic, and an avowed non-smoker. On her last visit she had a total cholesterol of 7.2, hdl 1.2 (ratio of 6), and a blood pressure of 150/95. 9 As above plus occupation 85% 67%
3. Mr Samuel Vise, is a 50 year old man. He has Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, is a non-smoker, with a total cholesterol of 6.6, an hdl of 1.1 (ratio of 6) and a blood pressure of 162/92. 8 As above 96% 80%
4. Mrs Marie Curry - 58 year old French woman with Non Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, who smokes 20 cigarettes a day, has a total cholesterol of 9.0 and hdl 1.3 (ratio of 6) and a demonstrated blood pressure of 150/98. 9 As above plus nationality 56% 50%
5. Carl “Rocky” Tansky is a 35 year old boxer. He is a non-diabetic whose coach will not allow him to smoke, with a total cholesterol of 5.0 and an HDL of 1.0 (ratio of 5). He has a blood pressure 158/96 when not in the ring. 9 As above plus occupation 63% 50%
  1. Note: Scenarios reproduced with the permission of the corresponding author of the original article from which the scenarios were adapted [21].