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Table 1 List of Variables entered into the Propensity Model and their Description

From: The impact of statins on health services utilization and mortality in older adults discharged from hospital with ischemic heart disease: a cohort study

Variable Measure Source
Outcomes and Exposures   
Physician Visits Continuous PHRU physician services database
Hospitalizations Continuous PHRU hospitalization database
Coronary Re-vascularizaton Continuous ICONS (Inpatient chart)
Mortality Yes/No ICONS (Vital Statistics)
Age Continuous
Categorical: 66-75, 75-80, >80 (by tertiles)
PHRU (Pharmacare database)
Gender Male, Female ICONS (Inpatient chart)
Region of Province where Patient Resides Northern, Eastern, Western, Southern ICONS (Inpatient chart)
Risk Factors   
Total blood cholesterol measured in hospital Yes/No ICONS (Inpatient chart)
LDL cholesterol measured in hospital Yes/No ICONS (Inpatient chart)
HDL cholesterol measured in hospital Yes/No ICONS (Inpatient chart)
Triglycerides measured in hospital Yes/No ICONS (Inpatient chart)
Diabetes Yes/No ICONS (Patient reported)
Hypertension Yes/No ICONS (Patient reported)
Smoking Past, Current, Never ICONS (Patient reported)
Family History of CVD Yes/No ICONS (Patient reported)
Previous PTCA Yes/No ICONS (Patient reported)
Previous CABG Yes/No ICONS (Patient reported)
Previous CHF Yes/No ICONS (Patient reported)
Previous Cardiac Catheterization Yes/No ICONS (Patient reported)
Previous Myocardial Infarction Yes/No ICONS (Patient reported)
Previous stroke Yes/No ICONS (Patient reported)
Previous TIA Yes/No ICONS (Patient reported)
Year of Entry into study By Quartiles ICONS (Inpatient chart)
Number of distinct prescription medications in 6 months pre-hospitalization Continuous
Categorical: <3, 3-<6, 6-<9, 9 (by quartiles)
PHRU Pharmacare database
In-hospital clinical data   
Discharge diagnosis UA/AMI ICONS (Health Records)
In-hospital procedures (PTCA, CABG, EST, Cardiac catheterization) Yes/No ICONS (Inpatient Chart)
Medications on discharge (ASA, Beta-blockers, CCB, ACE, Fibrates) Yes/No ICONS (Inpatient Chart)