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Table 1 Questions in the on-line questionnaire

From: Patient organisations and the reimbursement process for medicines: an exploratory study in eight European countries

- Has your organisation ever taken action about the pricing/and or the payment allowance for a drug?

(e.g. by contacting other organisations or groups, submitting complaints, taking legal steps)

   - In the case of which drug(s) did your organisation take action?

   - For which reason(s) did your organisation take action?

- What form did the action(s) take?

(please also refer to the authorities or bodies at which the action was aimed)

   - What did your organisation wish to achieve with the action?

   - Did your organisation achieve its goal?

   - Did your organisation take action alone or jointly with others?

   - Which action(s) did your organisation undertake with others?

   - With whom did your organisation undertake the action(s)?

   - Who took the initiative to act jointly?

   - With hindsight, how does your organisation evaluate its role in the process (according to level of satisfaction)? Please give your reasons for the answer.

   - Which recommendations would your organisation give to other patient organisations? (please indicate what you would advise and what you would advise against)

   - Does your organisation have a policy (protocol) on collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry? Please indicate the key points of your organisation's policy (or protocol).

So far your organisation has taken no action in respect of the pricing or payment allowance for drugs. In that case please answer the questions below.

   - Has your organisation ever been approached with a view to taking action in respect of pricing and/or the payment allowance for drugs?

   - Has your organisation ever considered taking action?

   - By whom was your organisation approached?

   - Why did you not take this up/take any action?