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Curated Collection: Management of Infectious Diseases in Health Systems and Services

SARS-CoV-2 is a new coronavirus responsible for an outbreak of respiratory illness known as COVID-19, which has spread to several countries around the world. As of 11th March, 2020, the World Health Organization has characterized the outbreak as a pandemic. 

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To support global efforts to share research on the topic, the Editor of BMC Health Services Research has curated a series of articles published in the journal over the past 16 years, relevant to COVID-19 research and the management of infectious diseases in Health Systems and Services. We summarize the articles in a series of themes, ranging from Occupational Health to Preparedness.


The costs of preventing the spread of respiratory infection in family physician offices: a threshold analysis

Hogg et al

BMC Health Services Research 7:181 (2007)

Occupational Health

Motivators and barriers to vaccination of health professionals against seasonal influenza in primary healthcare

Petek & Kamnik-Jug

BMC Health Services Research 18:853 (2018)

Knowledge and attitudes

"Will they just pack up and leave?" – attitudes and intended behaviour of hospital health care workers during an influenza pandemic

Seale et al

BMC Health Services Research 9:30 (2009)

Determinants of emergency response responsibility perceptions in the local public health workforce after China’s health sector restructuring

Jiao et al

BMC Health Services Research 15:339 (2015)

Mandating influenza vaccinations for health care workers: analysing opportunities for policy change using Kingdon’s agenda setting framework

Jackson-Lee et al

BMC Health Services Research 16:522 (2016)

The politics and ethics of hospital infection prevention and control: a qualitative case study of senior clinicians’ perceptions of professional and cultural factors that influence doctors’ attitudes and practices in a large Australian hospital

Gilbert & Kerridge

BMC Health Services Research 19:212 (2019)


Public health communications and alert fatigue

Baseman et al

BMC Health Services Research 13:295 (2013)

Computer-assisted resilience training to prepare healthcare workers for pandemic influenza: a randomized trial of the optimal dose of training

Maunder et al

BMC Health Services Research 10:72 (2010)

Effective communication of public health guidance to emergency department clinicians in the setting of emerging incidents: a qualitative study and framework

Khan et al

BMC Health Services Research 17:312 (2017)

Crisis checklists for in-hospital emergencies: expert consensus, simulation testing and recommendations for a template determined by a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary learning collaborative

Subbe et al

BMC Health Services Research 17:334 (2017)

Preparedness and response against diseases with epidemic potential in the European Union: a qualitative case study of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and poliomyelitis in five member states

Kinsman et al

BMC Health Services Research 18:528 (2018)

Improvements in pandemic preparedness in 8 Central American countries, 2008 - 2012

Johnson et al

BMC Health Services Research 14:209 (2014)

Strategy and Planning

SARS and hospital priority setting: a qualitative case study and evaluation

Bell et al

BMC Health Services Research 4:36 (2004)

The impact of SARS on hospital performance

Chu et al

BMC Health Services Research 8:228 (2008)

Mapping infectious disease hospital surge threats to lessons learnt in Singapore: a systems analysis and development of a framework to inform how to DECIDE on planning and response strategies

Singh et al

BMC Health Services Research 17:622 (2017)

Improving the science and evidence base of disaster response: a policy research study

Jillson et al

BMC Health Services Research 19:274 (2019)