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Table 1 Characteristics of the focus groups

From: Municipal healthcare professionals’ interprofessional collaboration during older patients’ transitions in the municipal health and care services: a qualitative study

Focus group 1,

9 participants.

Leader group (facility leaders of the physiotherapy-, occupational-, and nursing services), general practitioners (GPs)

4 registered nurses (2 in nursing home, 2 in home care services), 1 physiotherapist, 3 GPs (2 part-time employed in nursing home, 1 employed at the medical centre only), 1 occupational therapist (newly employed, left the meeting early)

Focus group 2,

8 participants.

Front-line staff

3 registered nurses, 1 physiotherapist, 2 auxiliaries, 2 assistants

(5 in nursing home, 3 in home care services)

Focus group 3,

6 participants.

Front-line staff

1 physiotherapist, 1 registered nurse, 2 auxiliaries, 2 assistants

(3 in nursing home, 3 across nursing home and home care services)