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Table 2 The S-Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Cultures dimensions, outcome items and number of items

From: Healthcare professionals’ perceptions of patient safety culture and teamwork in intrapartum care: a cross-sectional study

Dimensions Items
Unit level dimensions
 Communication openness 3
 Feedback and communication about error 3
 Nonpunitive response to error 3
 Organizational learning – continuous improvement 3
 Staffing 4
 Supervisor/manager expectations and actions promoting patient safety 4
 Teamwork within units 4
 Information and support to patients and family who have suffered an adverse event1 4
 Information and support to staff who have been involved in an adverse event1 2
Hospital level dimensions
 Handoffs and transitions 4
 Management support for patient safety 3
 Teamwork across units 4
Outcome dimensions
 Frequency of events reported 3
 Overall perceptions of patient safety 4
 Outcome items
 Patient safety grade 1
 Number of events reported 1
 Number of risks reported1 1
  1. 1Additional dimensions and items in the Swedish version