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Table 1 Search strategy in the included databases

From: Contributing factors to healthcare costs in individuals with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review

Databases Number of abstracts
Web of science 1191
 TITLE: (autis*) AND TOPIC: (expen*) 215
 TITLE: (autis*) AND TOPIC: (cost*) 500
 TITLE: (autis*) AND TOPIC: (econom*) 249
 TITLE: (autis*) AND TOPIC: (spen*) 94
 TITLE: (autis*) AND TOPIC: (financ*) 133
Medline through PubMed 1333
 (autis*[Title/Abstract]) AND (expen*[Title/Abstract]) 183
 (autis*[Title/Abstract]) AND (cost*[Title/Abstract]) 617
 (autis*[Title/Abstract]) AND (econom*[Title/Abstract]) 285
 (autis*[Title/Abstract]) AND (spend*[Title/Abstract]) 97
 (autis*[Title/Abstract]) AND (financ*[Title/Abstract]) 151
Scopus 1474
 TITLE-ABS (autis* AND expen*) 199
 TITLE-ABS (autis* AND cost*) 665
 TITLE-ABS (autis* AND econom*) 313
 TITLE-ABS (autis* AND spend*) 124
 TITLE-ABS (autis* AND financ*) 173