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Table 1 Participants in the collaboration group (n = 13)

From: Development of a complex intervention to support parents of adolescents with chronic illness transferring from pediatrics to adult care (ParTNerSTEPs)

Parent (n = 6) Parent of (gender, age) Outpatient clinic
Father Female, 19 Nephrology
Father Female, 18 Nephrology
Mother Female, 19 Nephrology
Mother Male, 20 Hepatology
Mother Female, 18 Rheumatology
Mother Female, 20 Rheumatology
Young people (n= 3) Age Outpatient clinic
 Female 19 Nephrology
 Female 21 Hepatology
 Female 23 Hepatology
Health care professional (n= 6) Affiliation Outpatient clinic
 Physician Pediatric Hepatology
 Head nurse Pediatric Hepatology, Rheumatology Nephrology, Neurology
 Head nurse Adult Hepatology
 Assistant head nurse Adult Nephrology
 Nurse Pediatric Rheumatology
 Nurse Pediatric Hepatology