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Table 2 Examples of costing items included in the European Healthcare and Social Cost Database (EU HCSCD)

From: Development of the European Healthcare and Social Cost Database (EU HCSCD) for use in economic evaluation of healthcare programs

Field Description Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Category   Primary resources Composite goods and services Complex processes and interventions
Subcategory   Medical devices Image diagnosis Inpatient medical and surgical processes
Costing item   Wearable cardioverter-defibrillator Computerized tomography scan Heart failure (ICD10: I50)
Item subtype Provides further description of the costing item. n.a. Scan of the skull and its contents, without contrast medium Very complex
Item in local language Apart from English, each item is provided in the language of the country the resource is taken from. Defibrillatore Indossabile Scanographie du crâne et de son contenu, sans ijection de preduit de contraste Hjärtsvikt & chock
Code Combination of letters and/or numbers each costing item is described with in the original source. Z12030503 ACQK001 E47A
Model Value used to represent one medical device or a family of medical devices to group many variations that have shared characteristics. This field applies to medical devices and health products/disposables. WCD-4000 n.a. n.a.
Brand Proprietary/commercial name occasionally used to assist in the identification of the regulated medical device and/ or disposables/ reusable. This field applies to medicines, medical devices and health products/ disposables. Zoll Medical Italia SRL n.a. n.a.
Country The country the data originated from. Italy France Sweden
Region   Sardinia n.a. Östergötland
Type of unit The way the units are delivered (e.g., box). This field applied to medicines and health products/ disposables. n.a. n.a. n.a.
Number of units The number of items delivered in the year of observation that are included in unit price. The purpose of this field is to know how reliable a certain value –usually an average − is. 1 1 1
Unit of measurement The unit that can be acquired at an observable price or the unit that is used by each health care centre/hospital. Wearable cardioverter-defibrillator (WCD) Procedure Process
Strength The amount of a drug in a given dosage form, measured as the number of micrograms per millilitre. This field applies only to medicines. n.a. n.a. n.a.
Year Refers to the year of cost publication. 2019 2018 2019
Local price The unit price of each item. 3700 25.27 72,198
Local currency The currency of the unit price of the country the items refers to. Euro Euro Swedish krona
Price in euros Local price converted into euros. 3700 25.27 6909.35
Year (GDP deflator) Year of the last GDP deflator available. The GDP deflator is country-specific, but the last value available comes from the same year. n.a. 2019 N.a.
Local price (GDP deflator applied) Local price after applying the last country-specific GDP deflator available. 3700 25.58 72,198
Price in euros (GDP deflator applied) Local price (GDP deflator applied) converted into euros. 3700 25.58 6909.35
Year (CPI) Year of the last CPI available. The CPI is country-specific, but the last value available comes from the same year. n.a. 2019 n.a.
Local price (CPI applied) Local price after applying the last country-specific CPI available. 3700 25.60 72,198
Price in euro (CPI applied) Local price (CPI applied) converted into euros. 3700 25.60 6909.35
Type of unit value Type of monetary value that is placed on each of the resources used. Leasing price tariff Tariff
Type of institution Type of centre where the patients were attended. Hospital Ambulatory care Hospital
Source of unit cost data The institution that published the data, that is, the institution responsible for communicating or publishing the costing information. Sistema Sanitario Regione Sardegna Securité Sociale l’Assurance Maladie Sydöstra sjukvårds-regionen
Reference of unit cost data A web page where the publication, report or database with the unit cost is mentioned.
Notes Contains any explanations or notes relevant to the costing methodology, if available (i.e. what cost elements are included in the unit cost, how are these elements identified –micro-costing or gross-costing−, how are cost elements valued –top-down or bottom-up−, etc. Cost per 1-month lease. The code refers to CND (Classificazione Nazionale dei Dispositivi medici). Consultation cost is not included. Payer’s perspective. There are the following extra charges: 40€ if the procedure is performed urgently on Sundays and public holidays, 80€ for paediatric night urgency 12–8 am, 50€ for emergency except paediatricians, + 49% for patients < 5 years old, + 15.8% for major act radiography carried out by a radiologist, a pulmonologist or a rheumatologist. The tariff is based on DRG. Costing methodology used in identification and valuation of resources: top-down micro-costing. Depreciation of building and financial cost are included. Research cost and teaching cost are excluded.
  1. GDP Gross Domestic Product, CPI Consumer Price Index