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Table 5 Addressed aspects of hygiene management according to KNAIB [20]

From: Hygiene management for long-term ventilated persons in the home health care setting: a scoping review

Aspects of Hygiene Management
  Infectious Critical Activities Quality Management for Hygiene Training and Education Cleaning and Disinfection Aspects Handling of Medical Devices Handling of Medi-cation Caring for Infected Persons Staff Hygiene Laundry Hygiene Kitchen Hygiene Relatives and Visitors Waste Manage-ment
Cahill et al., 1997 [31] x x x     x      
Toussaint et al., 2006 [24]    x x x        
Banfi et al., 2007 [29]       x       
Chenoweth et al., 2007 [30] x     x        
Neumann et al., 2016
x    x   x       
Prasad et al., 2016 [26] x x           
Horvath et al., 2018 [28]   x x x x   x x x    
Schwerdtner et al., 2020 [27] x x x    x   x