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Table 1 Data points obtained from CIHI, CMA, CAPER, CaRMS, OMSA, and ESRI

From: Modernising physician resource planning: a national interactive web platform for Canadian medical trainees

Agency Data obtained
Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Number of working physicians
Physician to 100,000 population ratios
Physicians by age groups
Gross wage
Number and percentage of rural and urban physicians
Number and percentage of male and female physicians
Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Number of vacancies for each province
Number of working physicians
Physicians by age group
Number of male and female
Canadian Post-MD Education Registry (CAPER) Number of residents exits per year
Number of fellow exits per year
Percentage of residents pursuing fellowship training
Number of physicians working in province 2 years after having graduated in the same province
Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) Number of CMG seats (school-specific)
Number of CMG distinct applicants (Canadian region-specific)
Number of CMG applicants who ranked discipline as first choice (Canadian region-specific)
Ontario Medical Students’ Association (OMSA) All Ontario program director comments
Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Hospitals map layer 2016 population census map layer