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Table 1 Service development initiatives mainly in health settings

From: Recognition of risk and prevention in safeguarding of children and young people: a mapping review and component analysis of service development interventions aimed at health and social care professionals

Study Setting Professionals involved Type of service Type of evaluation Findings related to awareness
Allnock 2012 [3] Hospital and community Multiple groups Therapeutic services for children who have experienced sexual abuse Cross-sectional Significant shortfall in services relative to demand. Identifies need for relevant professionals to be trained to identify vulnerable children
Appleton 2012 [4] Community Child protection nurses Primary care child protection services Cross-sectional Challenges include child protection moving off primary care agenda, high threshold for referral to social services
Bajaj 2006 [5] Hospital Specialist nurse Liaison and discharge co-ordinator role Before/after Recording and analysis of outcomes can improve understanding of important factors affecting outcomes
Browne 2013 [6] Community Health visitors Family nurse partnership Cross-sectional Service can be made most efficient by focusing on families with known risk factors
Care Quality Commission 2009 [7] Hospital Multiple groups Services provided by NHS Trusts Cross-sectional Trusts should review safeguarding arrangements and commissioning organisations need to ensure effective safeguarding in general practices
Hodes 2016, 2017 [8, 9]
Creighton [10]
Hospital outpatient clinic Multi-disciplinary team Clinic for children with known or suspected FGM Service description and case series Availability of specialist service in response to awareness and need
Kaye [11] Hospital ED ED clinicians Risk assessment for children of people presenting with mental health problems Before/after (audits) Protocol increased awareness of children potentially needing safeguarding
Park 2015 [12] Community Dentists Oral assessment as part of comprehensive medical assessment Cross-sectional Oral assessment by a dentist can improve awareness of child protection needs