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Table 1 Dimensions of emotional competence by Stamouli (2009)

From: The moderating effect of emotional competence on job satisfaction and organisational commitment of healthcare professionals

The Emotional Competence Questionnaire include following skills … Number of items
1. Perception of own emotions 11
 Attention to one’s own emotions (AE) to perceive own emotions. 4
 Clarity of emotional perception (CP) to understand own emotions and the own mood. 7
2. Perception of the emotions of others 4
 Perspective taking (PER) to take over the perspective of someone else and to consider various points of view. 4
3. Expressivity of emotions 16
 Trust in one’s own expressivity (TE) to trust the own expressivity and the level of wellbeing is in the center of attention. 4
 Positive expressivity (PE) to feel and express respective emotions of happiness and joy. 6
 Negative expressivity (NE) to express and communicate negatively felt emotions. 6
4. Emotional management 10
 Reflective handling of emotions (RE) the reflexive reprocessing of emotional incriminating situations. 7
 Influencing one’s own emotions (IN) to stop unpleasant emotions and to emphasize positive aspects. 3