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Table 3 Examples of the analysis process

From: Health care professionals’ experiences of how an eHealth application can function as a value-creating resource - a qualitative interview study

Meaning units Codes Subthemes Theme
“It has given me more work, I feel, because I have to check every day. And before I didn’t have this daily contact or check-ups of these patients, not at all.” Telemonitoring creates extra work The importance of having sufficient preconditions The struggle in the value formation process
“So I have been monitoring these measurements and that’s been basically every day and that together … that the patient provides blood pressure and that you can easily communicate with the patient through the chat, has been very good in … And they have been able to contact me at any time and I’ve been able to respond and that kind of thing. That’s … I think it’s been great.” Digital communication with patients The telemonitoring process
“It’s nice when you feel that you can help and that you can help in time and that you prevent a potential admission and that they can stay at home.” Meaningful work task Perceived value outcomes
“Yeah, but sometimes you get the ones that are … totally wrong, like a weight of 26 kilos, maybe, or something, and then you have to interpret that as a … like a completely erroneous value and ignore it. And then I can write a message to the patient, that I see that your weight is very different today, could you measure that again, and so you solve it that way. Or it was the grandkid who tried the scales or whatever it might be. So … but otherwise I just contact the patient and ask them to make a new measurement.” Incorrect data requires me to act Value recovery
“And then maybe you need to have it during 3–4 months or half a year or something, that you have it more for training purposes or examination purposes or … yeah, I think that you need to, like, maybe personalize it, like who is supposed to, in a different way.” [Hypertension] New areas of usage Continued development of telemonitoring for eHealth