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Table 1 Example interview questions for administrators and prescribers based on the CFIR

From: Implementation of mandatory opioid prescribing limits in North Carolina: healthcare administrator and prescriber perspectives

CFIR Domain CFIR Construct Topic area Questions for Hospital Administrators Questions for Prescribers
Intervention Characteristics Complexity Disruptiveness How are the prescribing limits affecting your organization’s day-to-day operations? How have the prescribing limits changed your day-to-day job, if at all?
Outer Setting Patient Needs & Resources Patient Communication Did you communicate implementation of the prescribing limits to patients receiving care at your organization? How so? How have they responded? Are prescribing limits communicated to patients? How?
Inner Setting Networks & Communications Internal Communications Were the prescribing limits communicated to the prescribers in your organization? Can you tell me more about that process? In what ways has your organization communicated to you about prescribing limits, whether from a policy developed in-house or based on the NC legislation?
Process Planning Hospital Policy/Protocol Did your organization have a protocol for implementing the prescribing limits? Can you please describe it? Does your practice/hospital currently have a policy regarding prescribing limits for opioids? Can you describe it to me?
Process Formally Appointed InternalImplementation Leaders Key Leaders Who were the key persons or groups responsible for implementing the prescribing limits in your organization? In your view, were there key people and/or departments in your organization responsible for implementing prescribing limits?