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Table 2 Aggregate sets, sets, and required resources

From: Overbooking for physical examination considering late cancellation and set-resource relationship

Aggregate Set(s) Resource
Set   Basic Breast Gastroenteroscope MRI DWI
1 Male Basic Check Plus Colonoscopy \(\checkmark \)   \(\checkmark \)   
2 Female Basic Check Above 40 Plus Colonoscopy \(\checkmark \) \(\checkmark \) \(\checkmark \)   
  Female Basic Check Below 40 Plus Colonoscopy      
3 Male Exquisite Anticarcinogenic (with MRI) \(\checkmark \)    \(\checkmark \)  
  Female Exquisite Anticarcinogenic (with MRI)      
4 Male Elite (with MRI + DWI) \(\checkmark \)    \(\checkmark \) \(\checkmark \)
  Female Elite (with MRI + DWI)      
  Male Advanced Anticarcinogenic (with MRI + DWI)      
  Female Advanced Anticarcinogenic (with MRI + DWI)