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Table.2 Recommendations to Health Policymakers and Researchers for better EBP

From: Translating evidence into policy: opinions and insights of Health Researchers and Policymakers in Nepal

Recommendations to Health Policymakers Recommendations to Health Researchers
• Promote the research practice by utilizing them. It motivates researchers to conduct more studies. • Actively push their research findings and recommendations to policymakers as they do not have time to search for evidence during decision making.
• Identify priority areas on which researchers can conduct researches and help the EBP process. • Conduct studies on identified priority areas by the government so the policymakers can utilize those researches to promote the practice of EBP.
• Establishment of a formal forum of health policymakers and researchers with priority on evidence sharing to improve the fragile link between them. • Involve policymakers since the beginning of their research to develop ownership among them, resulting in the use of generated evidence to develop appropriate actions.
• Promotion of impact study before the policy and program implementation to promote the research practice and evidence utilization; further motivating researchers to conduct more research. • Publication of research briefs along with recommendations for policy, in plain language preferably in Nepali.