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Table 3 Overall Outpatient Department HealthWISE walkthrough risk assessment findings

From: Organizational factors associated with health worker protection during the COVID-19 pandemic in four provinces of South Africa

Outpatient Department
Prevention Measures Question % of facilities deemed adequate % of facilities requiring improvement Comments
Ventilation Is natural ventilation adequate? 20 80 The majority of the Province A facilities required a lot of improvement, there was poor natural ventilation
Is there adequate mechanical ventilation 4 96 There was no mechanical ventilation, on in few facilities
Administrative measures Are patients social distancing? 67 33 Very few facilities were not ensuring that patients are observing social distancing. A few health facilities were using queue marshals to control social distancing.
Are staff social distancing? 25 75 Health workers concentrated around administrative desks to write notes, use telephone, complete forms, and even socialize. Small or lack of dining and rest areas contributed.
Are there markings for social distancing? 49 51 These were lacking in most OPDs
Is furniture positioned for social distancing? 40 60 Some hospitals had not rearranged the furniture for social distancing as the distance between the furniture was the same as before the Covid-19 pandemic, but some did not have space to change arrangement
Are the posters or information leaflets about COVID-19? 16 84 A few of the facilities had COVID-19 posters but they did not indicate how health workers can protect themselves and they were of poor quality
Is there an area with water and soap to clean hands? 96 4 With regards to the few facilities that did not have water, it was a municipality issue of a water outage in the whole municipality during the walk through
Are there hand sanitizers in all entrances and exit points? 58 42  
Is waste properly segregated? 93 7  
Are COVID-19 waste management boxes present 74 26  
Personal Protective Equipment Are workers wearing appropriate PPE? 93 7  
Are they wearing PPE correctly? 29 71 The surgical mask was sometimes below the nose
Are the staff wearing the same clothes from home, during work and back home? 0 100 Since may carry SARS-CoV-2 fomites on clothing, it is advisable that health workers change clothes to PPE on arrival and change back to their clothing when departing work.
Do you think there was adequate PPE 97 3 Generally there was some form of PPE available