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Table 1 Number of studies classified by therapeutic area-gene and ADRs and by region

From: Pharmacogenetic testing for adverse drug reaction prevention: systematic review of economic evaluations and the appraisal of quality matters for clinical practice and implementation

Therapeutic area-gene and ADRs Clinical guideline FDA approved labelling Number of studies by region
Drug Gene ADRs Severity of ADRs Asians Europeans/ USA Total
Cardiovascular disease (24)
 Warfarin CYP2C9 and VKORC1 bleeding NS CPIC, DPWG, CPNDS 2 12 14
 Clopidogrel CYP2C19 major cardiac/adverse CV events NS CPIC,DPWG 1 8 9
 Statins Pharmacogenetics test myopathy NS CPIC, DPWG 1 1
Gout (8)
 Allopurinol HLA-B*58:01 SJS/TEN, DRESS S CPIC 6 2 8
HIV infection (8)
 Abacavir HLA-B*57:01 Hypersensitivity S CPIC, DPWG 1 6 7
 Efavirenz CYP2B6 CNS toxicity NS CPIC,DPWG 1 1
Autoimmune disease (8)
 Azathioprine TPMT severe bone marrow toxicity S CPIC, DPWG 1 7 8
Epilepsy/neuropathic pain (6)
 Carbamazepine HLA-B*15:02 SJS/TEN S CPIC, CPNDS 5 5
 Carbamazepine HLA-A*31:01 SJS/TEN, Hypersensitivity S CPIC, CPNDS 1 1
Cancer (3)
 Irinotecan UGT1A1 severe neutropenia S DPWG 2 2
 Fluoropyrimidines DPYD severe hematologic, GI toxicity S CPIC, DPWG 1 1
Major depressive disorder (1)
 Nortriptyline CYP2D6 anticholinergic symptoms NS CPIC, DPWG 1 1
Hormone replacement therapy (1)
 Estrogen combined in oral contraceptives Factor V Leiden venous thromboembolic disease NS DPWG 1 1
  1. CBA: cost-benefit analysis, CEA: cost-effectiveness, CMA: cost-minimization analysis, CUA: cost-utility analysis, CPIC: the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium, CPNDS: the Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety, DPWG: the Royal Dutch Association for the Advancement of Pharmacy - Pharmacogenetics Working Group, DRESS: drug reaction with eosinophilia and symptomatic symptoms, FDA: the United States Food and Drug Administration, NS: Non-Severe ADRs, S: Severe ADRs, SJS: Stevens-Johnson syndrome, TEN: toxic epidermal necrolysis