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Table 1 Outcome (dependent variables) - healthcare contacts and healthcare-related costs

From: Number of musculoskeletal pain sites leads to increased long-term healthcare contacts and healthcare related costs – a Danish population-based cohort study

  Register Method
Number of musculoskeletal healthcare contacts (MSK-contacts): NPR 1) Counts of in- and out-patient hospital contacts and emergency department contacts registered with a primary or secondary musculoskeletal or pain-related ICD-10 diagnostic code. Every inpatient admission day counted as one contact. See Appendix A (Additional file 1). for more detail.
NHSR 2) Counts of face-to-face primary care consultations with physiotherapists, chiropractors and musculoskeletal medical specialists. Excluded in this category was fully publicly reimbursed encounters with physiotherapists for non-musculoskeletal diagnoses.
NHSR 3) Counts of face-to-face GP contact where the clinical tests, examination, coding and subsequent healthcare initiatives indicated a musculoskeletal reason for that consultation. For this purpose, a simple algorithm was developed. The algorithm evaluated each face-to-face GP contact in two steps and built on available information from all health registers. For a more detailed description, see Appendix B (Additional file 2) for more detail. Validation of this algorithm is pending.
Rehab-register 4) Counts of face-to-face municipality musculoskeletal rehabilitation visits indicated by a prior musculoskeletal hospital in- or out-patient contact.
Number of healthcare contacts for any reason (All-contacts): NPR 1) Counts of all in- and out-patient hospital contacts and emergency department contacts without regard for ICD-10 diagnostic codes. Each inpatient admission day counted as one contact. Derived from the NPR.
NHSR 2) Counts of all face-to-face primary care physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatrist/chiropodist, psychologist, dentist and medical specialist consultations.
NHSR 3) Counts of all face-to-face GP consultations.
Rehab-register 4) Counts of all municipality rehabilitation consultations.
Costs related to all healthcare contacts (All-costs): DRG/NPR 1) DRG-cost from all in- and out-patient hospital contacts and emergency department contacts.
NHSR 2) Public expenditure for all primary care physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatrists/chiropodist, psychologist, dentist, GP and medical specialist consultations.
Rehab-register 3) Calculated expense based on salary and other operating costs for all municipality rehabilitation settings.