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Table 7 Concerns based on the state of utilization of occupational abilities

From: Questionnaire survey investigation of the present status of dietetic consultation at community pharmacies from the perspectives of registered dietitians and pharmacists

Item Not able to fully utilize occupational abilities Able to utilize occupational abilities P value
It is difficult to find opportunity for dietetic consultation. 81.1% 41.7% 0.009
It is difficult to collect basic information about patients. 43.2% 16.7% 0.097
It is difficult to provide information to patients in an easy-to-understand manner. 72.2% 66.7% 0.714
It is difficult to choose the source for information provision. 35.1% 41.7% 0.683
It is difficult to set nutritional goals for patients. 67.6% 50.0% 0.273
It is difficult to handle questions by patients 78.4% 75.0% 0.807
There is not enough time to conduct dietetic consultation. 51.4% 25.0% 0.111
Need to obtain more knowledge on medications. 75.7% 83.3% 0.581
Need to obtain more knowledge on diseases. 97.3% 100.0% 0.565
Need to obtain more knowledge on health foods and supplements. 94.6% 91.7% 0.713