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Table 2 Final components with ≥80% agreement from Delphi panelists

From: Early supported hospital discharge for foot disease: a co-design study

Component Specific component % agreement
New personnel requirements A full time nurse care co-ordinator 87%
In home podiatry 1 day per week for wound debridement 87%
Inpatient process components Identify who needs to be involved in patient’s care on admission and alert the relevant teams 87%
Early referral to treating team (endocrinology, and seen within 24–48 h 87%
Shared care between consultants allowing vascular consultants to make decisions or change management as required on other team members behalf 93%
All lower limb wound patients co-located on the same inpatient ward 87%
Multidisciplinary ward round including vascular, infectious diseases, endocrinology and allied health representation from dietetics, physiotherapy and occupational therapy 80%
Orthotist review within 24 h of admission (24 h if not admitted late on Friday)a 80%
Dedicated multidisciplinary foot unit to include input from dietetics, physiotherapy and occupational therapy hours 80%
Discharge process components Comprehensive management plan in place for patient prior to discharge 100%
Information provided to GPs around contacts and referral point of access 93%
Referrals in place for hospital in the home support for patients prior to discharge 86%
Patients appointed a care-coordinator to make contact prior to discharge to support and co-ordinate discharge process 80%
Offloading requirements in place prior to discharge 86%
Outpatient process components Full time nurse care coordinator to act as a single point of contact for patients and GP’s, co-ordinating discharge, following up patients at home and providing reminder for appointments and managing failures to attend 86%
Appropriate care of the wound in the home in place (could be hospital in the home, district nursing, allied health home visit, or hospital outpatient visits dependent on patient needs and preferences) 86%
Exclusion criteria Cognitive impairment 93%
Less than 3 days wait for inpatient angiogram and/or angioplasty 93%
  1. aAt time of writing, no orthotics was available on weekends