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Table 2 Study participants across groups of stakeholders

From: Role of financial incentives in family planning services in India: a qualitative study

Stakeholder group Number of participants Role with respect to family planning services
Acceptors or clients of FP services (Men/Women) with incentives:   Acceptors (2 years prior of study) of incentive based FP methods who were motivated by the19 ASHAs or Sahiyas included in the study.
 i) Non Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) 4
 ii) Female sterilization (FS) 8
 iii) Post-partum Intra uterine contraceptive devices (PPIUCD). 8
Development partners 4 Members of Institutions /non –government organizations in Jharkhand which had been undertaking or supporting family planning programs for the past 2 years
Service providers 14 Doctors; nurses and auxiliary nurse midwives (ANMs) involved in providing FP services at public health facilities or platforms;
ASHAs or Sahiyas 19 Community health worker who serves as a link between health system and the community members and act as a informer and motivator for various health programs within her village.
Government officials:   
 Decision makers at state level 2  
 Decision makers at district level 5 Involved in management of family Planning.
Total 64