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Table 1 Terminology

From: Living life in limbo: experiences of healthcare professionals during the HCPC fitness to practice investigation process in the UK

Term Description
Investigating Committee stage The point at which all evidence is reviewed together and a decision is made (by the committee) about whether there is a case to answer in respect of the allegation against the registrant.
Panel Hearing stage The point at which the individual’s circumstances are considered and they are able to present their case in relation to evidence under review.
Health panel A panel established to review evidence where ill health has been cited as the reason for impairment to practice.
Conduct and Competence panel A panel established to review evidence regarding misconduct, lack of competence, a conviction or caution, or a determination by another regulatory body.
No case to answer No further action is required or taken.
Caution A caution order can last between 1–5 years and appears next to a registrant’s name on the register.
Conditions of Practice Restrictions are placed on the registrants. They may be required to work under supervision or be asked to undertake additional training.
Suspension The registrant is no longer able to practice. This can last for one year, or they can be struck off the register permenantly.
  1. Adapted from HCPC Annual Report, 2010 [9]