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Table 5 Main category – A way in

From: Social workers’ perspectives on a medical home model for children and adolescents in out of home care – an interview study

The first contact There is a great gratitude that we found [Hälsofam], we found it by chance. We Googled with deep creases in the forehead and were quite irresolute, what should we do?
There have been times over the years that [the Hälsofam personnel] have come and informed a little. Or they have delivered some small quick reference guide on how to perform placements and that say, “Do not forget The Child Protection Team and medical examination”.
If you go in and do a Google search on the Child Protection Team, it comes up. And there are some parents that have... when we have referred to the Child Protection Team, they have Googled it and felt like “That doesn’t seem so good and … then they will take my kids away from me right away” and things like that. So that is a little odd thing which has occurred in several cases actually. Parents Google search.
An end to calling around It’s very nice to have them to turn to in the first place. Then I’ve experienced situations when we have been in a hurry and that they did not have any available appointments, but... It is still nice to have them as an alternative because, otherwise we have to sit and call around to various health centres and doctors at random, so it is nice to be able to turn to them in the first place.
It is an incredible difference compared to the Child Psychiatry Team, where it is more like a closed fort. Impossible to get into.