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Table 8 Sensitivity analysis: Items varied and impact on per patient and national cost outcomes

From: The health system costs of post abortion care in Tanzania

Item varied Estimate in base case Range varied Impact on total national cost
Low High Low High
Number of PAC patients receiving care nationallya 77,814 28,040 105,242 − 64.0% 35.2%
Lifetime of buildings (years) 60 45 75 0.0% 0.0%
Discount rate 8.17% 5% 10% −0.5% 0.3%
All variablesb See above See above See above −61.6% 35.6%
  1. NC No change to outcome when input was varied
  2. a Currently receiving PAC. The range for current PAC patients is based on the range estimated by Keogh et al. 2015. The range for women requiring but not obtaining PAC is estimated using the size of the range for current PAC patients relative to the base case estimate
  3. b For this option, low = lowest number of patients, highest number of years for depreciation, and the lowest discount rate. High = highest number of patients, lowest number of years for depreciation, and the highest discount rate