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Table 5 Lasso, ridge and elastic net regression results

From: Can health service equity alleviate the health expenditure poverty of Chinese patients? Evidence from the CFPS and China health statistics yearbook

Variables Regression coefficient
Lasso (α = 1) Ridge ( α = 0) Elastic Net regression (α = 0.5)
X1 4.508819e-02
X2 7.708620e-02 3.379657e-01 7.110331e-02
X3 4.499783e-03
X4 3.548136e-01
X5 2.467723e-02 7.395202e-02 2.676738e-02
X6 1.564979e-02
X7 5.074746e-03 4.111173e-01 7.995698e-03
X8 −7.187830e-02
X9 3.018772e-01
X10 −4.817413e-05 −3.708596e-01 −5.939468e-05
X11 −2.457680e-01
X12 −1.592871e-01
X13 2.376937e-03 2.695623e-01 2.233790e-03
X14 −2.250927e-02
X15 −2.623920e-01
X16 −1.478263e-06 −4.830314e-01 −1.781413e-06
X17 1.432623e-01 3.840092e-05
X18 2.432101e-02
X19 −3.505073e-02
X20 8.017608e-02
Intercept 9.079613e-04 −1.418397e-16 7.593978e-03