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Table 1 Multidisciplinary Advisory Group Members

From: Using human centered design to identify opportunities for reducing inequities in perinatal care

Community Members (4)
 Four Black and Latinx identifying SF residents
Health system workers (4)
 Midwife – clinician and administrator
 Midwife researcher
 Women’s Health Clinic medical assistant - SFGH
 OB/GYN resident physician
System Leaders (4) from SF Department of Public Health or UCSF
 UCSF Center of Excellence in Women’s Health
 UCSF Child Health Equity Initiative
 SFDPH – Perinatal Service Coordinator
 SFDPH – Black Infant Health Program
Project Leader
 Generalist –OB/GYN physician - SFGH and UCSF
 Expert in community engagement and equity driven initiatives (UCSF)
  1. Abbreviations: SFGH San Francisco General Hospital, SFDPH San Francisco Department of Public Health, UCSF University of California San Francisco