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Table 3 Common questions asked by clinicians during the trainings

From: Implementing enhanced patient care to promote patient engagement in HIV care in a rural setting in Kenya

Domain Category Questions
Age dynamics Age differences between clinicians and patients Sometimes patients disregard what I say because they think I am too young to be a doctor. This makes me so upset and makes me shorten my interaction with them. How should I handle such patients?
Uncooperative patients Uncooperative patients Some patients are very uncooperative. You agree on the next steps to help them adhere to treatment and suppress their viral load, but they continue to do the contrary. This gets very frustrating and sometimes I don’t know how to handle such patients….
Stress management Managing patients with stress Some patients come when they are already psychologically stressed. Even when you try to talk to them nicely, they are non-responsive or quite rude. What would you do in such a case?
Clinicians experiencing stressors People do not understand that we as providers are going through our own issues. I may have stress from home and work as well. Sometimes a patient comes into the room and I want to help them, but I am going through a lot…. How would you help us deal with our own stress?
Health system High patient-provider ratio There are days when we have a lot of patients to attend to. I might not have the time and energy to really talk to the patients as much as they would want to. What would you advise me to do on such instances?
Health system inconsistencies We sometimes experience power shortages and inconsistence in our point of care machines. This means we have to stop any service delivery until the system is back on track. Meanwhile patients are waiting and getting very irritated. By the time we start seeing the patients, they have no desire to engage with us. They want use to serve them as quickly as possible to that they can go home…. What do we do?