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Table 1 The performance of an Empowered Nurse (PEN) and Work Empowerment Promoting factors (WEP) (13,18)

From: Work empowerment among cancer care professionals: a cross-sectional study

Work Empowerment Promoting factors (WEP) Performance of an Empowered Nurse
Moral principles Moral Principles
Shared values Treats other with respect
Esteem for others Act honestly
Concerted care philosophy Acts justly
Personal integrity Personal integrity
Delegated responsibilities Looks after own well-being
Confidence Dares to say and act
Feedback Acts effectively under pressure
Acts flexibly
Expertise Expertise
Evaluation and development Acts skilfully
Cooperation (between nurses and between different professionals)b Makes decisions
Act independentlya
Training Consults and teaches colleagues
Future-orientedness Future-orientedness
Continuity of work Finds creative solutions
Position opportunities Promotes new ideas at work
Access to information Acts after planning, assesses effects
Sociability Sociability
Collegial support Discusses openly
Problem solving Works for the common goal
Open ambience Solves problems
  1. aIn this study for the questionnaire adapted with permission from original developer from acting independent in nursing to acting independent in care, b adapted from cooperation between nurses to cooperation between my own profession