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Table 4 Summary of main areas, categories and sub-categories regarding health care workers’ (HCWs) experiences of workplace incidents that led to injury or posed risk for patient and worker injury

From: Health care workers’ experiences of workplace incidents that posed a risk of patient and worker injury: a critical incident technique analysis

Main area Category Sub-category
Emotions evoked by an incident Anxiety during the incident To feel safe within the team
Feelings of insecurity
Persistent distress after the incident Shame and self-regret when a patient had been exposed to risk of injury
Sadness over being injured at work
Anger and resignation when managers had not taken necessary action
Actions by the team and managers when handling an incident Team interplay for safety actions Act adequately and supportively
Take responsibility and team leadership
Support and ratification from managers and colleagues Informal debriefings with colleagues to release emotions
A validating approach and follow-ups by the manager