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Table 2 Examples of coding strategy

From: Health care workers’ experiences of workplace incidents that posed a risk of patient and worker injury: a critical incident technique analysis

Quotation Code Sub-category Category Main area
Disgusting and you feel all the time this, why didn’t I do anything, why didn’t I do more (Fia) It was disgusting. Why didn’t I do more. Shame and self-regret when a patient had been exposed to risk of injury Persistent distress after the incident Emotions evoked by an incident
I thought it was I who caused it, as I didn’t walk in to his room when he was at the toilet, could I have avoid it (Vera) I caused it or I could have avoid it
Permanent, actually. It (the pain) has impacted on my whole life (Greta) Pain impacts on the whole life Sadness over being injured at work
I can’t say it’s a success story because I would rather be without it, so to speak. It still hurts when I do something stupid (Frida) Incident no success story. Still suffering from pain.