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Table 5 Test of mediation effect of OVI and PsyCap

From: Does organizational vision really matter? An empirical examination of factors related to organizational vision integration among hospital employees

Hypo-thesis Indirect effect Mediator Coeff-icienta Bootstrapped bias corrected conf. Int. Mediator effectb
H6 PsyCap → CP OVI 0.032*** 0.017 0.053 Comp-lementary
H8 OA → OVI PsyCap 0.118*** 0.069 0.165 Comp-lementary
H7 OA → CP OVI 0.065*** 0.040 0.097 Indirect-onlyc
H9 OA → CP PsyCap 0.313*** 0.259 0.354 Indirect-onlyc
d OA → PsyCap → OVI → CP PsyCap/OVI 0.019*** 0.010 0.033  
d Total indirect effect OA → CP   0.398*** 0.351 0.435  
  1. a *** p < 0.01 is the significance level
  2. b The PLS-SEM mediation analysis and classification of mediation effects are based on Zhao et al. [48] and Nitzl et al. [49]
  3. c The direct effect between OA and CP is not specified on our conceptual model. However, we estimated also a model included this direct effect, and found the direct effect OA ➔ CP not statistically significant (β = 0.054, p = 0.21). Based on that, in the mediation classification framework by Zhao et al. [48] and Nitzl et al. (2016), a significant indirect effect and insignificant direct effect imply indirect-only/full mediation
  4. d These two effects ((OA ➔ PsyCap ➔ OVI ➔ CP) and (Total indirect effect OA ➔ CP)) are not an direct part of our analysis, but included to report all possible effects in our conceptual model