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Table 3 Constructs (Psychological Capital (PsyCap), Organizational Attractiveness (OA), Organizational Vision Integration (OVI), Creative Performance (CP)) and claims used in the study

From: Does organizational vision really matter? An empirical examination of factors related to organizational vision integration among hospital employees

Construct Claims label Claims
OA OA1 (Hospital name) is attractive for me as a place for employment.
OA2 I would recommend (Hospital name) as an employer for my friends.
OVI OVI1 The management has informed me about the company’s vision and aim.
OVI2 I am familiar with the organization’s vision and aim.
OVI3 I am conscious of doing my job in line with the company’s vision and aim.
PsyCap PsyCap1 I feel confident that I can set goals for myself in my work area.
PsyCap2 I am optimistic when it comes to my future at this organization.
PsyCap3 When faced with challenges in my job, I can find alternative solutions to them.
PsyCap4 I can find alternative ways to achieve my goals.
CP CP1 I contribute creative ideas to solve challenges in my job.
CP2 I contribute creative ideas to improve the quality of my job.
CP3 I create new ideas to solve problems in my job.
CP4 I search out new working methods or techniques to complete my work.
CP5 I investigate and find ways to implement my ideas.
CP6 I promote my ideas so others might use them in their work.
CP7 I try out new ideas in my work.