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Table 1 Patient-level eligibility criteria for enrollment in CCMDD as of March 2018

From: Expansion of a national differentiated service delivery model to support people living with HIV and other chronic conditions in South Africa: a descriptive analysis

Patients living with HIV who are on ART:
i. On same treatment regimen for at least 12 months
ii. Most recent lab results are normal
     a. Most recent viral load result taken in past six months
     b. 2 consecutive viral loads are undetectable
iii. Clinic confirms eligibility
     a. Stable and adherent to treatment
     b. No current TB
     c. No medical conditions requiring regular clinical consultations
iv. Chronic medication items are on the provincial CCMDD medicine list
Patients with chronic non-communicable diseases:
i. For patients with diabetes – 2 consecutive fasting plasma glucose levels normal
ii. For patients with hypertension – 2 consecutive blood pressure readings normal