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Table 1 Key areas of enquiry in interviews by participant group

From: Commissioner, clinician, and patient experiences of a pre‐surgical health optimisation programme – a qualitative study

Participant group Key areas of enquiry in topic guide
Patients • understanding of the decision-making / referral process
• experiences of participating in the health optimisation pathway; impact on personal health / well-being / immediate family / socio-economic context
• expectations of, and decision-making about, ongoing care
Managerial • how the plans for the health optimsation pathway were developed
• anticipated risks and benefits of the scheme
• expected impacts of the scheme in the future
Providers • experiences of using the pathway; delivering interventions and engaging with patients
• patient reactions to health optimisation and the impact on patient well-being
• future direction; views on extension of health optimisation from hip & knee services to broader elective surgeries