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Table 3 Initial recommendations for audit and feedback and quality improvement reports in primary care

From: Use of prescribing safety quality improvement reports in UK general practices: a qualitative assessment


Discuss with each practice who the report should be sent to, i.e. prescribing lead

Actively involve practice based pharmacists – include on email distribution lists

Suggest that if the report is forwarded onwards by a lead GP/practice manager, the next recipient acknowledges receipt and how the report will be used, if at all

Communication with practices

Emphasise that the reports might save practices time on audit activity

Communication with patients

Provision of guidance letter and example patient communication with the report

Communication within local networks

Include resources and suggestions to encourage practices to discuss how they have used reports within their local primary care networks


Aim for clinical content and topics that are in line with current local and national priorities for quality improvement

Structure of report

Provide individual patient identifiers if possible to expedite case finding

Prioritise information on patients needing review at the beginning of the report, avoid lengthy background contextualising the report

Incorporate a tool to allow flagging of patients included in previous searches, so if they were excluded by a clinician from the quality indicator they dont' have to go back over the same searches/exclusion criteria