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Table 2 Summary of what parents and children like about the I-MOVE system

From: A concept mobility device with multi-positional configurations and child-kind restraint for safe perioperative transfer and induction of anaesthesia in children with autistic spectrum disorder – a cross sectional study

What Parents like
1. Attractiveness (n = 14). Design, shape, colours are appealing and attractive and sporty (for boys)
.’ The device resembles amusement park ride, rollercoaster, Virtual Reality chair, arcade (game) chair, office chair’. ‘chair’ design is familiar, children can relate to it easily and has less anxiety and hence not intimated by the device’. ‘Looks like children are going on a ride, makes it easier to get them on it’. ‘The relationship associated with fun in using the chair makes its use less intimidating to children’.
2. Functionality (n = 14). The multifunction and flexibility in usage related to the multi-positional features, its automated design and foot rest. The chair design and restraint ensure safe movement. 2 parents cited ease of use.
Useful in ‘movement between different floors during hospital transfer’, ‘holding children in dental chair’ ‘transfer to the OT table and movement in the perioperative period’, making ‘handling of child smoother’. ‘Less chance of injury during transfer’, ‘can replace wheelchair’.
3. Safety (n = 9). The structure and restraint feature.
The device design ensures ‘safety precaution and is able to control child with safety feeling’. ‘Over the head chest harness (resembling a seat on roller coaster rides) is a good safety feature for holding children’s head safely during moving after sedation. ‘Looks sturdy for heavy kids. ‘very helpful for ASD patients towards mobility safety measures and concerns.’
4. Comfort (n = 4).Comfortable.
‘does not look cold or intimidating’. Its ‘bright colours also comforting to the child to sit on it’.
5. Innovative and creative (n = 2).
What children like
1. Attractiveness (n = 15). Chair and the amusement park restraint design are described as cool/nice/ high tech/ interesting/ /colourful.
‘The restraint/handle and colour are cool’, ‘like a massage chair or a roller coaster’. ‘it is full of colours, I like it but don’t know why, I want to use the chair’. ‘chair is cool and makes me feel like it would not be a serious operation’.
2. Functionality (n = 9). The ability to move and transform into various shapes and forms for difference uses and ability to hold children with remote control.
‘I like the moving thing about it and that it can move with remote control and can sleep on chair. ‘the chair is versatile and solving many problem’. ‘If child is afraid and wants to run away, seatbelt can hold them’. ‘I like to go to sleep for operation in this chair, I like to sit on it, go round and round in it’.
3. Safety and security (n = 4).
‘Especially important for a child who is unsure what is going to happen’. ‘It is safer to carry child’.
4. Comfortable (n = 8).
‘comfortable’, ‘Like the speed’, ‘feels happy and like to sit’.