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Table 1 Specification of target behaviours to focus upon in the STAMINA intervention

From: Towards implementing exercise into the prostate cancer care pathway: development of a theory and evidence-based intervention to train community-based exercise professionals to support change in patient exercise behaviour (The STAMINA trial)

Target Behaviour Behavioural specifications
Who When Where
1. To support patients first contact with the community gym providers Fitness manager On receipt of the patient referral From the community-based gym, over the telephone
2. To conduct and record results of a fitness test Exercise physiologist At baseline and 12 weeks At the community-based gym
3. To tailor the exercise prescription Exercise physiologist At baseline. Weekly reviews to determine tailoring requirements thereafter. At the community-based gym
4. To deliver two supervised exercise sessions per week, per protocol Personal trainer Twice a week for 12 weeks At the community-based gym
5. To provide weekly behavioural support Exercise physiologist
Personal trainer
Fitness manager
At every contact At the community-based gym and over the phone ad hoc
6. To compile progress reports and communicate progress with the clinical team Exercise physiologist At 12 weeks At the community-based gym