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Table 1 “Without the need for a second visit” reform: top 10 major initiatives of medical and health services

From: “Without the need for a second visit” initiative improves patient satisfaction with updated services of outpatient clinics in China

2018 2019 Continuous improvement
fewer queues for medical treatment More reassuring to give medical advice at Primary hospital Deepening reform
Easier payment Payment after medical treatment and payment by credit Deepening reform
fewer errands for examinations Easier inspection Deepening reform
Convenient hospitalization More convenient to brush your face for medical treatment Deepening reform
More considerate service for the convenience of the people One step of medical service Deepening reform
Faster first aid / /
More convenient dispensing All in one health service card Deepening reform
More warm mother and child health services Integration of birth services Deepening reform
Easier referral / /
Develop ‘Internet +’ health Richer for “Internet + “health Deepening reform
/ No need to run for blood service New reform
/ More transparent to give vaccination New reform