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Table 1 Free Newborn Care Service Program

From: Impact of free newborn care service package on out of pocket expenditure‐evidence from a multicentric study in Nepal

Package Services Level of newborn care Reimbursement United States Dollar per sick newborn admitted
“A” • Medicines- Antibiotics, dextrose, IV Canula, etc.
• Laboratory services including blood testing
• Oxygen Supply by hood box /nasal prong
• X-ray / USG
Basic Sick Newborn Care 9.6
“B” • Photo therapy
• Laboratory Services- Blood culture, RFT (Sodium, Potassium, Urea
creatinine), Serum calcium
• Lumbar Puncture and CSF Analysis
• Medicine- Dopamine, Dobutamine, Phenobarbitone, Phenytoin, Midazolam, calcium Gluconate, Aminophylene
• Bubble CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
Specialised Sick Newborn Care 19.2
“C” • NICU Admission (Must)
• NICU bedside Ultrasonography (USG)
• NICU bedside Portable X-Ray
•Lab: ABG, Magnesium, Chloride, Serum Osmolarity, Urine Specific Gravity, Urine Electrolyte
•Double Volume Exchange Transfusion, Blood transfusion
• Medicine: Caffeine
• Mechanical Ventilation
Neonatal Intensive Care Service 48.0