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Table 1 Classifications of Activity Types from Time Motion Observation

From: Health care provider time in public primary care facilities in Lima, Peru: a cross-sectional time motion study

Activity type Definition Example codes
Direct patient care Procedures, communicating with a patient or family member Procedures: Physical exam / signs
Procedures: Clinical history
Indirect patient care Reading patient history, ordering tests, washing hands, cleaning up after procedure, retrieving information Paper-read: Clinical history
Computer-read: Clinical history
Search: Preparation of materials and supplies
Paper-write: Order tests
Medication Finding orders; prescribing, preparing or administering medication Search: Order
Phone: Prescription
Computer-read: Prescriptions
Paper-write: Prescription
Documentation Recording patient information on paper or computer Paper-write: Clinical history
Computer-write: Patient registries
Professional communication Work-related discussions, including requesting consults, presenting or handing over patients Computer-write: Referral / consult
Communication: Health workers, about work
Administrative Staff meetings, administrative paperwork, coordination of staff schedules or activities Paper-write: FUA
Paper-read: FUA
Search: Registry
Transit Movement between patients and between tasks Movement: Inside health facility
Movement: Outside health facility – home visit
Education Attending education sessions as teacher or student Paper-read: References (books or others)
Communication only: Listening to instruction
Personal / social Any social or personal activity or discussion Personal: Bathroom
Phone: Applications – personal
Personal: Leisure time
Inactive No activity, including time from departure to end of shift for providers leaving early Other: Inactivity
  1. FUA Formato Unico de Atención (Single Care Form)