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Table 1 The AHRQ PSI-90 component measures, by version and year(s), with corresponding weights

From: Measurement matters: changing penalty calculations under the hospital acquired condition reduction program (HACRP) cost hospitals millions

  PSI-90 individual weights/POA Recalibrated PSI-90 weights
AHRQ PSI-90 software version 4.5a (FY15-16) 5.0.1 (FY17) 6.0.2 (FY18)
Pressure Ulcer (PSI-03) 0.2303/0.0220 0.0391 0.0557
Iatrogenic Pneumothorax (PSI-06) 0.0545/0.0708 0.0905 0.0493
Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infections (PSI-07) 0.0563/0.0652 0.0301
Postoperative Hip Fracture (PSI-08) 0.0025/0.0011 0.0025 0.0093
Perioperative Hemorrhage and Hematoma (PSI-09) 0.0820
Postoperative Acute Kidney Injury (PSI-10) 0.0466
Postoperative Respiratory Failure (PSI-11) 0.3109
Perioperative Pulmonary Embolism or Deep Vein Thrombosis (PSI-12) 0.2572/0.2579 0.3570 0.1954
Postoperative Sepsis (PSI-13) 0.0603/0.0742 0.0798 0.2318
Postoperative Wound Dehiscence (PSI-14) 0.0097/0.0165 0.0183 0.0121
Accidental Puncture or Laceration (PSI-15) 0.3292/0.4917 0.3827 0.0067
POA is Present on Admission indicator; if POA available in the data a different set of weights was used by the AHRQ software.