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Table 3 one-way sensitivity analysis results

From: Cost‐effectiveness analysis of dabigatran, rivaroxaban and warfarin in the prevention of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation in China

ICER(Cost/QALY) one-way sensitivity analysis
Basic analysis 5548.07
PwarST Adjust to maximum 5112.44
PwarST Adjust to minimum 8176.64
PwarICH Adjust to maximum 4470.03
PwarICH Adjust to minimum 6189.53
Umin Adjust to maximum 4645.53
Umin Adjust to minimum 6058.70
Cost of rivaroxaban Adjust to maximum 9281.03
Cost of rivaroxaban Adjust to minimum 4311.95
  1. ICER incremental cost-effectiveness ration; PwarST Risk of cerebral infarction with warfarin; PwarICH Risk of intracranial hemorrhage with warfarin; Umin Quality of life adjusted years in patients with mild dysfunction