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Table 1 Structure of HealthPathways

From: Co-design and feasibility of a pharmacist-led minor ailment service

Red flag referral criteria Signs, symptoms or events recognized to be more serious in nature and point to the need for immediate referral for assessment.
Clinical assessment Symptoms (duration, frequency and severity), past history of symptoms, medications used for this episode of symptoms or other health problems, known allergies and intolerances, other concomitant diseases or medicines.
Evaluation Assessment of risk factors, contraindications and drug interactions.
Treatment Evidence based nonpharmacological and pharmacological support recommendations.
Referral Critical time of symptom evolution after which the pharmacist may suspect that it is not a minor ailment, as well as other symptoms or signs that point to the need for assessment by a general practitioner or another health provider, and the timeframe within which a patient is recommended to seek care.
Resources Resources consulted in preparation of the pathway and patient resources to support self-care.