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Table 2 Impact of the intervention on the rate of falls

From: An opportunistic evaluation of a routine service improvement project to reduce falls in hospital

Average number of falls per 1000 bed days over study period Initial rate of falls
(Pre-intervention slope)
Post intervention time
(Post-intervention slope)
Control, mean (SD) Intervention, mean (SD) IR (95% CI) p-value IRR* (95% CI) p-value IRRb (95% CI) p-value IRRa (95% CI) p-value
6.62 (4.80) 5.89 (5.38) 6.54 (5.76–7.43) < 0.001 0.99 (0.99–1.00) 0.087 1.02 (0.92–1.14) 0.669 0.97 (0.95–0.99) < 0.001
  1. IR Incidence rate, IRR Incidence rate ratio, CI Confidence interval
  2. a The estimate here indicates the change each month in the rate of falls compared to the previous month.
  3. b The estimate here indicates the change in the rate of falls in the month immediately following the intervention implementation to the month preceding it.