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Table 1 Summary table of key information of the three complementary data sources

From: Capacity building of health care professionals to perform interprofessional management of non-communicable diseases in primary care – experiences from Ukraine

Data Key aspects Data collection & data collection tool Data collection period 1440 patients from control clinics (1202 baseline; 1202 at follow-up)
Quantitative patient record data Changes in risk assessment and treatment practices and outcomes Retrospective data collection from paper-based patient records in intervention and control clinics for a two-year period for baseline (1 Jan 2015 to 31 Dec 2016) and follow-up (1 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2018), utilizing a standardized data collection form (filled in online). 25 Jan 2019 to 8 Apr 2019 3360 patients from intervention clinics (2798 baseline; 2795 follow-up) 1440 patients from control clinics (1202 baseline; 1202 at follow-up)
Qualitative interview data Professionals’ opinions on the effects of training in changing the practice and related possibilities and challenges Focus group interviews (FGI) including managers of primary health care clinics, doctors, nurses, feldshers, and patients of the family doctors from intervention clinics, following a semi-structured interview scheme based on predefined themes. 20 Dec 2018 to 27 Feb 2019 A total of 15 FGI with workforce from intervention clinics:
3 FGIs with managers (n = 16)
3 FGIs with family doctors (n = 18)
3 FGIs with nurses (n = 22)
3 FGIs with feldshers (n = 18)
3 FGIs with patients (n = 25)
Observation data Organizational changes in clinics, availability of tools and equipment, and changes in the division of tasks Clinic facility and patient pathway observations in intervention and control clinics following a protocol and a structured observation scheme 25 Jan 2019 to 8 Apr 2019 112 observations in intervention clinics; 39 in control clinics
One patient pathway observation (if possible) per clinic during the quantitative data collection
  1. Abbreviations: FGI focus group interview