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Table 1 Health facility physical status assessment tool

From: Development and upgrading of public primary healthcare facilities with essential surgical services infrastructure: a strategy towards achieving universal health coverage in Tanzania

S/NPhysical statusDefinitionChecklist
1.AGoodA building with nothing to be fixed
2.BMinor renovation1 Visible narrow cracks on concrete surfaces (crack width < 0.2 mm)
2 Damage to the door locks
3 Damage to the window glass
3.CMajor renovation1. Visible wide cracks on concrete surfaces (crack width about 0.2 mm – 1.0 mm)
2. Foundation damage
3. Significant damage to concrete, with exposed reinforcing bars
4. Spalling of concrete surfaces (crack width of more than 2.0 mm)
4.DDemolition and re-construction1. Foundation damage
2. Buckling of reinforcing bars
3. Cracks in core concrete
4. Visible vertical and/or lateral deformation in columns and/or walls
5. Visible settlement and/or leaning of the buildings
5.EUnder constructionFrom the laying of the foundation to the final stage
6FUnder renovationAny rehabilitative activity