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Table 6 Comparison of the methods’ advantages and challenges

From: Models and methods for determining the optimal number of beds in hospitals and regions: a systematic scoping review

Comparative aspectsRatio MethodFormula methodMethod using the distribution of present patientsSimulation methodRegression method
AdvantagesInvestigates hospital conditions   * 
Easy estimation*** *
Highly flexible    *
Accounts for changes in the average length of stay   * 
Accounts for factors affecting the average length of stay   * 
Estimates bed requirements by clinical specialties*****
Requires little time*    
challengesDoes not consider factors affecting the demand for hospital care*****
Does not consider factors affecting the supply of hospital care*****
Requires accurate and comprehensive data   **
Time-consuming and costly   * 
Does not account for the dynamics of certain key parameters, like demographic changes and patterns of hospital service utilization*****
Low accuracy  * *